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Stress-Free, Organized

Senior Moving Services

Our 4 Step Senior Move Management Process

Senior Move Management - Step 1 the Seni

The Moving Plan.

First, we analyze your possessions, and create a floorplan of your new residence. The plan includes cabinet, closet and storage spaces. We then work with you to determine which items will fit. We plan sorting and packing sessions, get dates and quotes from moving companies, and create the final unpacking plan. 


Sorting Possessions.

Next, we begin to sort your belongings.  Room by room we work with you to designate items to keep, give to family and friends, sell, donate, trash or recycle. We haul away appropriate categories as we sort, according to your desires and comfort.

Senior Move Management - Step 2 Organizi
Senior Move Management - Step 3 Senior P


With sorting completed, packing becomes very efficient. We bring all the packing supplies and pack everything up just prior to move day or on move day for small moves. 


Move Day

We coordinate move day with the actual movers. We pack all the essentials (bedding, toiletries, etc.) that morning, oversee the movers, then head to your new residence! Once there, we help movers place your belongings per the floorplan. Then we start unpacking! We make your beds, hang your art, organize your cabinets and closets, etc.


The secret is that we take several pictures of your home prior to packing. This means, nightstands, dressers, photo collages and more are set-up to closely resemble home. This provides a true sense of comfort and familiarity. Lastly, we haul away all the packing materials. Leaving you quickly and efficiently, settled-in to enjoy your new home!

Senior Move Management - Step 4 the Seni

Our goal is to make your senior transition as smooth and enjoyable as we possibly can!

We love providing high quality senior moving assistance. 

But don’t take our word for it. See what our happily transitioned seniors and families have to say:

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