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Seniors Transition

Magnolia Transitions was founded on a passion to help others.

After earning my degree in International Relations, I worked overseas in international community development. Then upon returning to the US, I worked in urban social work.  I loved both of these roles making a positive difference.

While raising my four children here in Chicagoland, I co-ran a business flipping homes for 10 years. This gave me extensive experience in contracting, project management, home optimization, home design, staging, and market preparation.

While flipping estate homes, I was impacted by homes in transition...lives in transition...stories, families, treasures, people. I discovered so many families were carrying a massive physical and emotional weight in the process of transitioning homes and lives later in life. 

So, my practical experience in real estate project management joined forces with my passion to help others.


Magnolia Transitions Senior Move Management was the outcome of this union, and we've had the privilege of professionally and compassionately assisting hundreds of seniors in home transition ever since. 

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I saw a huge need to assist families in senior relocation, became trained and certified as a Senior Move Manager, built a team of compassionate, capable Move Managers, and am now here to serve you and your family with your home and life transitions needs.

I wish you all the best on your journey. Hope to chat soon!

Kimberly Bilotich, Founder

Kimberly Bilotich - Founder - Magnolia T
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Magnolia Transitions - Compassionate Sen
Magnolia Transitions Senior Move Manager

See what the seniors and families we've served have to say.

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