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Photo Digitizing Service

Preserving Your Family Photos

Family photos are, by far, the greatest treasure in a home. They connect us to the past and memorialize our history.

Printed photos hold so many memories and present so many limitations at the same time.  They can only be in the possession of one family member, they are often kept in disorganized boxes, and they decompose with time. 

Digitizing printed photos solves these limitations. Magnolia Transition’s Photo Division can organize and digitize your family photos and deliver them on a drive and in a cloud platform.

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With our photo digitizing services, your memories will be sharable, organized, and preserved.

Vintage Postcards

Photo prints scanned at archival quality

Shipping Boxes

Photo prints returned organized in archival boxes

Two Computer Screens

Photo scans are named & searchable

Woman with Digital Tablet

Photo scans returned on an external drive & cloud-based platform

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